Home-based ABA Therapy

In your home and on your schedule, we work with your child to establish appropriate behaviors and helpful routines in areas like personal hygiene, sleeping, eating, and self-care.

Virtual ABA Therapy

Physical distance can’t stop your kid’s progress! Virtual ABA therapy and parent training are perfect for families who don’t live near a provider or who simply need a remote option.


Social interaction

He just doesn’t understand how to play with other children


I wish she’d tell me what she wants instead of pointing

Following directions

Why can’t he just do what his teacher tells him?

Emotional Regulation

Sometimes I can’t believe his meltdowns

Attention focus & memory

If it’s not one of her special interests, she’s lost

These are just some of the areas in which your ABA team can coach your child. Together, they’ll practice skills and behaviors to help your kid thrive.

ABA has transformed thousands of children’s lives. And it can do the same for yours.

Here’s what makes ABA the gold standard treatment for children on the autism spectrum

A record of success

Extensive research has shown that ABA is the most effective therapy for children with autism. Especially when implemented early, ABA gives children the tools they need to function and flourish throughout their lives.

Accept, embrace, encourage

ABA looks at where your child is now, and where they can be. It uses positive reinforcement to encourage appropriate behaviors and phase out destructive or inappropriate ones.

Fun fuels progress

At Kansas Behavior, therapy happens in a relaxed, play-centered setting, so learning stays fun. When a child practices a skill or behaves appropriately, they’re rewarded and encouraged to repeat the behavior.


Most ABA therapy takes place one-on-one and is customized to the needs, abilities, and likes and dislikes of each child. Your therapist will get to know your child and your family intimately and tailor therapy to your child’s personality, routine, and environment.

Skills for life

Children on the autism spectrum often struggle with social skills, communication, emotional regulation, attention, and more. We give them the tools to improve in all of these areas and help them establish healthy daily routines. This gives families structure and support while setting children up for a life of independence.

Empowering caregivers

Our therapy takes a whole-family approach, helping you become a champion for your child. You’ll gain tools and knowledge to support your child, turning everyday moments into learning experiences.

Our Process

ABA is your child’s ticket to a brighter future.
Here’s an overview of the journey they’ll take:

Welcome aboard.

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or an autism specialist evaluates your child, getting to know his or her needs, strengths and challenges.

Create a road map.

Your BCBA designs a personalized therapy plan for your child, identifying their goals and the best ways to reach them.

Hit the road.

Your child enjoys play-based, one-on-one sessions with an ABA registered behavior technician in your preferred location: in your home, at our center, or remotely via teletherapy.

Get the green light.

We apply for insurance coverage on your behalf. Your provider approves a set amount of weekly therapy hours.

Take the wheel.

Our whole-family approach keeps you at the center of your child’s care. You learn how to use ABA techniques to encourage progress, handle challenges and be the best parent for your child.

Stay on track.

Your therapist keeps a careful eye on your child’s progress, checking in regularly with your BCBA, who continues to supervise and direct your child’s therapy. Your team is always happy to answer questions and offer support.

We bet you’re full of questions

And that’s normal!

It would be our pleasure to answer them for you. Start by reading our FAQ, compiled after years of working with families and children like yours.

Fun for children. Support for families. Skills for life.

Give your child the gift of ABA.

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