MYTH: Only deficiencies or "problem behaviors" are the focus of ABA.

FACT: ABA emphasizes on utilizing one's motivation and present abilities to acquire new skills.


MYTH: ABA turns kids into robots.

FACT: ABA is a structured technique, but it places a strong emphasis on offering a variety of learning opportunities and fostering adaptability.


MYTH: Children only engage in drills at a table during ABA.

FACT: While the majority of ABA does involve some tablework, ABA should also incorporate naturalistic teaching within each session.


MYTH: Only kids with autism can benefit from ABA.

FACT: The study of human behavior is called ABA. ABA has been used to improve test scores in undergraduate students, reduce thumb-sucking in neurotypical children, promote proper form in college-level weightlifters, minimize littering outside of hospitals, and more.


MYTH: Aversive methods are a key component of ABA.

FACT: ABA places a strong emphasis on using motivation to alter behavior. ABA sessions should also be entertaining and interesting!


MYTH: In essence, ABA is just bribery.

FACT: Bribery is not included in ABA. Reinforcement is used in ABA instead. Bribery takes place prior to the desired action ("I'll give you a cookie if you put your shoes on.") After the desired behavior, ABA delivers reinforcement, which should, if at all feasible, be natural ("I love how you put your shoes on. "Want to have a treat?")

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